Automated Email Classification
NEW! automatically recommends where to save an email on SharePoint and assigns topics discovered in the email as SharePoint metadata.

Collage Inside™

View information from Office 365 and other cloud apps organized by topics, directly from Outlook.

App for Office

Share and save documents to SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business, from your Office application, like Word.

Automatically capture

email messages from Outlook directly into SharePoint using

Discover Emails Saved to SharePoint

When you upload an outgoing email message to SharePoint, email recipients can find out where the email message was saved. A new command menu for email messages - Open in - locates email messages saved on SharePoint in the sidebar.

Declare an Email as a Record

You can now declare an email as a record in SharePoint from the sidebar.
More enables workers to enjoy the ease of use of Outlook with the robustness of content storage using SharePoint. Workers continue to use Outlook to view important emails while easily navigating to their storage location in SharePoint.