The Problem

Organizations rolling out records management projects based on SharePoint, quickly realize that “out of the box” implementations run into two brick walls. First of all, it is really hard to get workers to put documents into SharePoint. Secondly, even if you can get documents into SharePoint, they become impossible to locate because people don’t classify the records properly. And using SharePoint properties (i.e. metadata) to effectively classify documents is baffling to the typical business worker. is the Solution enables your records management project to succeed by making it effortless for business workers to upload documents to SharePoint and meaningfully classify them…as part of their existing daily work routine. Benefits

Support for SharePoint Record Center
Easy discovery and retrieval of documents and email messages
Enhanced compliance
Data cataloging
Partially-automated classification of documents and email messages
Reduced liability through improved record capture

Critical Capabilities for Your Record Management Project

Effortless uploading to SharePoint of documents and email messages

Consolidation of email threads into a single SharePoint group

Enhanced document discovery by enforcing classification of documents upon upload/check-in

Automated mapping of email headers to SharePoint metadata so messages become searchable

Records are clearly marked (lock icon) in document libraries

Step-by-step guidance for entering ‘required properties’, so typical business users can accurately classify documents

Tag and metadata search suggestions directly in the existing work context, making it easy to locate information required for legal proceedings