harmon.ie Delivers Value for Mobile Initiatives

A mobile enterprise is one where workers can be productive from anywhere, at any time. As a first step, many companies are embracing ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) programs, but selecting devices is only one step in the process. While gaining the benefits of flexibility and the cost savings of mobile-based computing, companies face a number of significant challenges associated with using the devices to complete business tasks, like collaboration with colleagues:


Providing a consistent user experience on all devices and interfaces; desktop, mobile, and cloud.
Achieving a native Office experience for Office 365 and SharePoint on all popular mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.
Tracking project status on a mobile device.
Providing a secure environment for collaboration.
Uploading email attachments to SharePoint and sharing with colleagues.

harmon.ie helps ensure the success of your Mobile initiative by providing simple and intuitive solutions to these challenges.

The harmon.ie Solution

Upload email attachments to SharePoint and sharing with colleagues

Email attachments can be saved directly to SharePoint without the need to save them locally to the mobile device. Uploaded documents can then be shared by sending corresponding SharePoint links to colleagues.

A Native Office Experience to Office 365 and SharePoint On All Popular Mobile Platforms

harmon.ie provides full-featured access to Office 365 and SharePoint from all popular mobile devices including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Full support is provided for document metadata.

harmon.ie is the only solution to provides a rich Microsoft Office experience with embedded Office Web Apps on iOS and Android, rather than just limited mobile browser access.

(Coming soon for BlackBerry 10) Integration with BlackBerry’s File Manage enables secure offline support, universal search to search SharePoint directly from the BlackBerry, and PIM integration enables overlay of SharePoint calendars with the BlackBerry’s.

Track Project Status on a Mobile Device

Get real-time updates as colleagues edit important documents, such as proposals and contracts. Reach out to the last document contributor with one click. No more need to call or email to check on project progress.

Secure Environment for Collaboration

harmon.ie, has been certified by all leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) companies. Access to Office 365 and SharePoint documents is safe, secure, and easy-to-use.

Data-less device: Using Office Web Apps to edit documents means documents are not stored or cached on the mobile device.

Secure Offline Document support for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

Consistent User Experience on all Devices and Interfaces; Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud

The anytime, anywhere mobile enterprise entails using a variety of devices to get work done; mobile, desktop and cloud. harmon.ie delivers a consistent, unified user experience across Office 365 and SharePoint, on mobile devices, the desktop, and the cloud, so business users can focus on the job and not on the underlying technology.

harmon.ie Produces Results

The bottom line is that by addressing the primary challenges of becoming a mobile enterprise, harmon.ie helps ensure the success of the mobile initiative. Organizations can instead focus on the benefits of mobility, like productivity, flexibility, and collaboration rather than on building and supporting collaboration apps for business users.