The Problem

Organizations rolling out knowledge management projects based on SharePoint soon realize the many challenges that their end users face due to the shortfalls of a typical SharePoint implementations.

SharePoint site proliferation increases end users’ confusion as to where they need to save documents, how to classify documents so they can be found later, and most importantly how to search for relevant content in order to complete important tasks. is the Solution boosts the success of your Knowledge Management project by making it effortless for business workers to interact with SharePoint as part of their existing daily work routine. Benefits

Turns documents and email messages into knowledge
Easy discovery and retrieval of documents and email
Automatically retains expertise locked in email inboxes
Improved classification of documents and email
Reduces redundant processes through enhanced discovery
Improves user-defined classification of documents

Critical Capabilities for Your Knowledge Management Project

Effortless uploading to SharePoint of documents and email messages

Consolidation of email threads into a single SharePoint group

Enhanced document discovery by enforcing classification of documents upon upload/check-in

Automated mapping of email headers to SharePoint metadata so messages become searchable

Step-by-step guidance for entering ‘required properties’, so typical business users can accurately classify documents

Tag and metadata search suggestions directly from the current context, making it easy to locate information required for legal proceedings

Taxonomy-enabled activity stream lets users keep track of project progress and quickly access relevant information of a specific field of work or topic