Tuesday, April 5, 2011

‘Social Email’ Solves Low SharePoint User Adoption by Reducing Complexity

Milpitas, CA.

Business users can complete Microsoft® SharePoint® document sharing and other collaboration tasks six times faster when accessing SharePoint directly from Microsoft Outlook® or IBM Lotus Notes®, based on the results of the SharePoint User Challenge conducted by social email vendor at three separate industry conferences, including the recent AIIM 2011 info360 Conference in Washington, D.C. The challenge – designed to illustrate why 66% of end users refuse to use SharePoint for daily document exchange – showed how’s ability to bring SharePoint into the corporate email interface can remove barriers to user adoption.

Tasks that took 40 to 61 seconds using the native SharePoint interface required only 8 to 15 seconds in for SharePoint, a social email solution that provides SharePoint functionality in an Outlook or Notes sidebar.’s speed and ease of use have increased usage of SharePoint and other collaboration tools such as Google Docs from an average of 30 percent to as high as 80 percent in just a few months in enterprises worldwide.

Leveraging Email for Collaboration

Currently, according to a uSamp survey, only one-third of end users in a SharePoint environment use it on a daily basis. In addition, according to Forrester Research, only 8% of end users working in companies that have implemented enterprise social networks use those social software tools. These user adoption gaps stem largely from the multiple steps and window navigation involved in completing SharePoint tasks.

"In SharePoint, even simple document sharing tasks involve up to nine different steps with painful context switching across windows. To avoid the time and effort, users continue storing documents on their local hard drives, sharing them as email attachments, and struggling to find the latest versions as well as merge feedback from multiple reviewers. And if SharePoint isn’t being used for document sharing, then users can’t easily perform time-saving enterprise social collaboration tasks such as viewing colleague profiles in SharePoint either," said David Lavenda, vice president of marketing and product strategy at

"By allowing users to access SharePoint from their email comfort zone, our social email solution overcomes SharePoint user resistance, eliminates email document ping pong that undermines productivity, makes social software tools easily accessible, and helps enterprises achieve true collaboration for every user – not just the most technically proficient."’s ability to achieve these results is borne out by the experience of customers such as ABB, a Fortune Global 500 automation and power technologies company. ABB is implementing to increase adoption of its SharePoint-based document collaboration spaces and enterprise social networks among more than 100,000 business users and multiple lines of business worldwide.

"Integrating SharePoint with email drives user adoption by increasing the usefulness of our collaboration tools without forcing users to fundamentally change their daily work habits," said Marco Rena, collaboration program manager at ABB.

15,000 Hours Saved Per Year

More than 300 SharePoint experts, power users, developers and business users have taken the SharePoint User Challenge to date. In each case, users completed a SharePoint task of their choice from the SharePoint web interface and then from for SharePoint. The results show that participants spend 75% to 85% less time when using instead of the SharePoint interface to:

  • Publish email messages on SharePoint (8 seconds versus 48)
  • Save email attachments to SharePoint (8 seconds versus 48)
  • Send links to SharePoint documents (8 seconds versus 40)
  • Upload a local document to SharePoint and send a link (15 seconds versus 60)
  • Find a colleague’s profile and status from email (9 seconds versus 36)


With these efficiencies, can save more than 15,000 hours per year for a 1,000-person organization with a SharePoint deployment, while also ensuring that the enterprise reap the full benefits of its SharePoint investment.

"You don’t really think that 46 seconds is a long time to do anything, but when you realize you can do the same thing in 6 seconds, it’s a real eye opener," said challenge participant Donna Brock, Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

Other participants noted that’s ability to replace SharePoint’s nine-window navigation process with a single-window workflow will make SharePoint use possible in their organizations for the first time.

More information about the SharePoint User Challenge can be found at

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