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ABB, Amway, American Water & Others
Invest In ‘Social Email’ to Bring Collaboration to ALL Users

Lotusphere, Orlando Fla.

harmon.ie, formally Mainsoft® Corporation, today announced 400 percent year-over-year sales growth of its harmon.ie ‘social email’ products, which dramatically increase adoption of enterprise collaboration tools such as Microsoft®SharePoint® and Google Docs™ by utilizing corporate email as a social and collaboration interface. More than 80 enterprise customers, including multi-billion dollar companies such as ABB, Amway and American Water, purchased harmon.ie in 2010 to make enterprise collaboration easily accessible to over 300,000 business users.

“No matter how powerful collaboration tools like Microsoft SharePoint or Google Docs may be, the vast majority of business users reject them because of the need to switch contexts and adopt new ways of working together. Yet people readily adopt these same tools when they’re integrated into everyday tools such as email,” said Yaacov Cohen, co-founder and CEO of harmon.ie. “Our customers typically see adoption soar from 30 to 80 percent in just a few months with harmon.ie deployments.”

Catalysts for Social Email Adoption

Most enterprise collaboration tools today are adopted only by power users, leaving businesses without critical benefits such as improved productivity and consistent content management. Social email is poised to bring enterprise social networking and collaboration tools to every business user because it increases efficiency without requiring users to change their work habits. Among the factors spurring the growth in social email:

  • People switch applications nearly 37 times an hour, according to the New York Times1. Dealing with too much information, and continuously toggling between communications and collaboration tools such as email, instant messaging, document collaboration sites and video conferencing, robs people of their ability to get work done.
  • Business users are reluctant to adopt new technologies that address the problem. Of the five or more collaboration and social tools in which most businesses have invested, only the most familiar applications - email and calendaring - have been widely adopted by business users, according to Forrester Research.2
  • The convergence of social media and email in the consumer space, through services like Facebook messaging, is carrying over to the work environment. According to Gartner analysts Matt Cain and Ray Valdez, "Within five years, we think the questions about social networking versus e-mail will be largely moot, as the two elements will have been fused together.” 3


Customer Productivity Increases with harmon.ie

harmon.ie customers in 13 countries and 37 industries report significant productivity gains and an increased ability to get work done.

  • “harmon.ie provides an important pillar for our collaboration strategy, helping our 100,000 business users embrace ABB’s enterprise social network and document collaboration spaces worldwide, across lines of business,” said Marco Rena, collaboration program manager of ABB Group. In 2010, the multi-billion-dollar automation and power technologies company purchased harmon.ie after successfully piloting the software in its Swedish R&D center. “Integrating SharePoint with email help increase the usefulness of our collaboration tools, without forcing users to fundamentally change their daily work habits.”
  • American Water, the largest investor-owned U.S. water and wastewater utility company, is deploying SharePoint and harmon.ie to IT users in 33 US states and Canadian provinces. According to Steve Brescia, enterprise architect for the company, “harmon.ie allows us to drive SharePoint adoption as well as promote our unified communications and collaboration strategy, while preserving our IT investments in IBM Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime and SharePoint."
  • Amway, a multilevel marketing and consumer products company, reported a 42 percent decrease in the average daily volume of email attachments since the company deployed harmon.ie last fall. According to Sandy Harvey, senior analyst for messaging and collaboration, “Our business users love having SharePoint access within email. The amount of time people save using a single, easy-to-use messaging and collaboration interface has been a huge advantage.”
  • Employees at the Belgian Ministry of Finance rely on Windows SharePoint Services to collaborate on large tax fraud inquiries. According to Bart Meskens, IT project leader, “Our team has a strong Windows background, and they use SharePoint intensively. We use harmon.ie to integrate SharePoint with email, and consolidate the IBM and Microsoft environments, to eliminate time-consuming context switches and improve people’s quality of life at work.”
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer Chiesi France is deploying harmon.ie to encourage its employee communities to switch from Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint 2010 for document collaboration. "People are reluctant to change their work habits, regardless of how much time they waste emailing documents back and forth,” said Eric Cohen, CIO of the company. “harmon.ie's strength is its total integration with Outlook. Since harmon.ie is very user friendly, people can begin using SharePoint document links and version control within email, without any formal training."
  • DWA Installation and Energy Consultants recently deployed SharePoint 2010 to enable its Dutch employees to share project-related emails and documents. According to Alex van Heteren, SharePoint Administrator for the company, employees began using harmon.ie and SharePoint immediately without training. "harmon.ie’s fast, easy-to-use drag-and-drop system works remarkably well. In the first month we deployed harmon.ie, users have uploaded more than 100,000 email messages to SharePoint."
  • The Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) deployed SharePoint 2010 as its enterprise content management system (ECM) but discovered that Outlook lacks the native ability to save documents to SharePoint. "That's a big problem, considering our users spend most of the workday in email,” said Drew Clark, the association’s information technology manager. “harmon.ie fills this gap beautifully, bringing SharePoint to email users so they don't have to jump through hoops to access the ECM. We expect harmon.ie will make all the difference in the adoption of SharePoint and the overall success of the ECM project.”
  • Yael Software and Systems, a leading Israeli systems integrator and Google Partner, is using Google applications to communicate with its Google sales and reseller channel. According to Amit Dover, vice president of software solutions for the company. “In sales situations, it’s especially important for us to stay close to our sales and reseller channel by providing immediate access to the latest copy of documents. To meet this business requirement, we’re using harmon.ie for Google Docs to quickly bring everyone on board.” Internally, the company is deploying harmon.ie for SharePoint Enterprise to promote widespread user adoption and realize the full business benefits afforded by SharePoint-based document collaboration and workflows.
  • Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE is using harmon.ie to realize its multi-vendor social email strategy and bring SharePoint 2010 to more than 3,000 Lotus Notes users. “With harmon.ie, people can easily participate in YLE’s enterprise social network, manage and share business documents, and coordinate team events without distracting them from their daily work environment,” said Leila Mäkeläinen, infrastructure development manager for YLE. “Because it is cross-platform, harmon.ie gives enterprise IT the freedom to build the social and collaborative workspace that meets our needs, without having to migrate to a single vendor.”

More customer feedback, including video and audio testimonials, are available at http://harmon.ie/Customers/Testimonials.

About harmon.ie

harmon.ie (pronounced ‘harmony’) brings document collaboration to every business user by transforming the email client into a collaboration and social workspace. Thousands of businesses already use harmon.ie ‘social email’ to vastly increase user adoption of Microsoft SharePoint or Google Docs for document sharing, collaboration, and social networking. Formerly known as Mainsoft, the company has been building cross-platform enterprise software since 1993. For more information, visit http://harmon.ie/

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