Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Activity Stream Lets Project Team Members Follow SharePoint Documents in Real Time & More

Milpitas, CA.

Social email provider harmon.ie® today announced market penetration of more than 1 million users for the software it provides to drive end user adoption of enterprise collaboration and social networking platforms such as Microsoft® SharePoint® by making them accessible from Microsoft® Outlook® or Lotus Notes®. That 1 million base includes more than 500,000 licensed users in enterprises around the world, plus 500,000 who have downloaded the free version to eliminate the complexities of using the SharePoint web interface.

Other harmon.ie milestones achieved in 2011 included:

  • A 259% year-over-year sales increase, indicating growing enterprise recognition of the need for strategies to overcome low end user participation in social business initiatives.
  • 145 new enterprise customers, with 42 new customers added in Q4 alone.
  • An OEM agreement with IBM for products that aggregate IBM Connections social objects, SharePoint documents, presence awareness and unified communications in a single email window.
  • Gold ISV partner status in the Microsoft Partner Network, plus an agreement under which harmon.ie for SharePoint is demonstrated in Microsoft Technology Centers worldwide.


That growth was fueled by harmon.ie's proven success in overcoming end user resistance to new collaboration and social technologies that enterprises are deploying to strengthen knowledge sharing, business agility and competitive advantage. Organizations using harmon.ie's drag-and-drop social email have increased usage of critical SharePoint features such as document collaboration from 20 percent to as high as 80 percent in just a few months. The rapid adoption reflects harmon.ie's ability to eliminate application switching and multi-step navigation as well as provide easy SharePoint access from the email interface where users spend much of their workday.

"Bringing collaboration and social tools into a familiar workspace – whether in email, on mobile devices, or elsewhere – removes user adoption barriers created by the ‘rip and replace' approach that forces users to learn new tools. That has been proven repeatedly in harmon.ie deployments with an immediate jump in SharePoint use," said Yaacov Cohen, co-founder and CEO of harmon.ie. "With the social business movement continuing to accelerate and our technology making it possible to aggregate multiple tools in the same email window or mobile environment, we expect harmon.ie to play an increasingly pivotal role in helping organizations advance their social business initiatives."

Bridging the Technology Adoption Gap

The fact that low user adoption is hampering the progress of social business is well-documented. Forrester Research has reported across-the-board underutilization of collaboration and social tools, with 64% of surveyed businesses receiving few or no benefits from their investments and only 8% of U.S. information workers using social enterprise applications for work at least once a week. Similarly, one industry survey revealed that 66% of end users refuse to use SharePoint for daily document exchange because of the need to navigate through at least nine different windows to complete SharePoint tasks.

Among those solving the problem with harmon.ie:

  • Indiana University School of Medicine deployed harmon.ie to facilitate the use of SharePoint to manage patients' medical records in a secure, collaborative environment. "Unfortunately, the mechanics of file sharing is not easy with SharePoint, which is why people in the medical community resorted to emailing documents back and forth," said SharePoint Project Manager Sulaiman Mustaklem. "harmon.ie solves this problem, and helps further protect sensitive health information, by making it easy to for people to share document links instead. Using harmon.ie, there's no risk that confidential information will fall into the wrong hands because the documents can only be accessed by people with the proper permissions."
  • Global automotive supplier Continental Corporation is using harmon.ie to support a collaboration initiative designed to drive innovation and efficiency by facilitating knowledge exchange among the company's 80,000 information workers, including document sharing with SharePoint. "Without harmon.ie, we could not meet our goal of achieving an integrated social, communication and collaborative environment," said Juergen Hagg, Head of Department, Corporate Functions IT, Global Applications & Solutions. "harmon.ie is a key enabling technology to help us break the cycle of 'knowledge monopolies' and leverage the collective intelligence of all Continental employees."
  • Private equity firm Berkshire Partners LLC is leveraging harmon.ie to simplify the use of a SharePoint-based document management system launched in 2011 to streamline collaboration and information sharing, help better manage investment documents for SEC compliance and legal discovery, and deliver greater transparency to mitigate risk. "When deploying SharePoint 2010, we recognized that our best shot at achieving 100% user adoption was seamless integration with Outlook, our firm's one-stop business dashboard and people's most familiar work environment," said Director of IT Eric Souza. "harmon.ie for SharePoint is a homerun because it allows people to manage documents within email, eliminating the need to adjust to an unfamiliar Web interface."

More information about enterprise use of harmon.ie is available at http://harmon.ie/Customers.

About harmon.ie

harmon.ie (pronounced 'harmony') is a provider of software solutions that advance social business by aggregating document collaboration, enterprise social networking, unified communications and other social tools into the email client and other locations where users already spend their workday, saving time and eliminating point solutions that complicate usability. Thousands of businesses already use harmon.ie to vastly increase user adoption of applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Google Docs™ for social and collaboration functions. For more information, visit http://harmon.ie/

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